Globalization as a Component of the Job Demands-Resources Model on Employee Work-Life Balance in an American BPO in the Philippines

Katherine B. Arceta


Background: The sense of control that employees experience when they are able to remain competent and efficient in the workplace while enjoying a healthy personal life with enough time for leisure activities is referred to as work-life balance. In the workplace, while employees must remain focused and efficient amidst numerous tasks, it is imperative that they maintain a degree of satisfaction and contentment with regard to their personal life.

Objective: This study aims to examine the effect of globalization on employees' work-life balance in an American BPO situated in the Philippines. This was examined by testing whether the data obtained from Company X followed the Job Demands-Resources Model (J D-R Model).

Methods: Data were collected by administering an online survey using convenience sampling. Categorical Principal Component Analysis (CatPCA) was used for easier interpretation of the linear combinations of categorical variables. Cronbach's Alpha tested the reliability of the data. Bivariate relationships were then explored using the bivariate Pearson Correlation. Finally, the Path Analysis was utilized to determine how significant and to what degree are the causal relationships among the variables being investigated.

Results: The study has proven that the J D-R model is a promising framework to establish the relationship between globalization and work-life balance. The data gathered in this study revealed that employees who are provided with increased job resources experience job satisfaction that result to positive work-life balance. Likewise, decrease in burnout is significantly related to work-life balance. Although globalization is not significantly associated with work-life balance, it is significantly correlated with role conflict, a component that is related to exhaustion.

Conclusion: Globalization has no direct effect to the work-life balance of employees working in Company X.


work-life balance; globalization; job demands; job resources; job satisfaction; burnout

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