Perceived Value of Blackboard e-LeAP on the Net Generation Learners in Physical Therapy

Maria Teresita B. Dalusong


Background: The blackboard e-Learning Access Program (Bb e-LeAP) is a learning management system, which consists of an integrated set of productivity, communication, assessment, and content management tools intended to enhance learning through the web. The Physical Therapy (PT) Department of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) utilizes this in all its subjects in order to supplement classroom learning of the digitally adept Net Generation (Net Gen).

Objective: This study aimed to describe how the UST PT Net Gen utilized the Bb e-LeAP in their learning activities.

Methodology: A descriptive quantitative, cross-sectional online survey was employed in this study. A survey questionnaire was developed, which underwent pilot testing, reliability, and validity testing using SPSS. This was uploaded in the Bb e-LeAP course site with instructions and consent, and was used to collect data. A simple data analysis was made using excel spread sheet.

Results: More than 50% of the participants accessed Bb e-LeAP for preparing, understanding, and clarifying lessons. But, it was the least preferred among the different ways of learning. Though it has been utilized by PT Net Gen, it was accessed primarily for convenience in retrieving resources and least for learning process activities. A majority of the Net Gen still preferred learning through interaction, reading or highlighting printed materials, interactive multimedia and actual experience, though they are digitally adept.

Conclusion: The Bb e-LeAP is a useful tool that facilitated Net Gen's way of learning, such as preparing, understanding, and clarifying lessons. But just like other technologies, it was primarily used for convenience and secondary for learning process activities. The Bb-eLeAP is a medium used by Net Gen, which complements with their learning characteristics. But as a supplement to learning, it should incorporate learning activities that could promote higher order thinking among the Net Gen and that could maximize the features available in it.


e-Learning, Blackboard; e-Learning management system; Net Generation; Physical Therapy

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