Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental and Occupational Health: Highlights of the First National Environmental and Occupational Health Forum

Marian Fe Theresa C. Lomboy, Romeo R. Quizon, Katherine Mae M. Decena, Rose Abigail D. Enoveso, Vivien Fe F. Fadrilan-Camacho, Victorio B. Molina, Ruby D. Tambiloc, Jem Erika A. Nique, Chester C. Ramos


Environmental and occupational health are interconnected disciplines of public health that are concerned in maintaining a symbiotic relationship between the ecosystem and humans. This relationship is under threat by the continuous and alarming increase of the Earth's temperature causing climate change that impacts not just health but also the economy and the safety of the population. The First National Environmental and Occupational Health Forum was organized by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila to address and discuss the complex issues that the Philippines is currently experiencing when it comes to environmental and occupational health by providing a space where stakeholders from different sectors can actively participate in mapping out challenges and opportunities. The organizer's long-term vision is to catalyze and build a network of collaboration that is geared towards the improvement of health and safety in the workplace that involves mitigating the effects of climate change. The discussions in the forum gave a comprehensive insight into the different challenges we face for being one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters: how this affects health, workplace, and environment. These challenges created new opportunities for the country to build resilience and formulate adaptive strategies to decrease the vulnerability of the population especially the workforce who are constantly exposed to different hazards that are exacerbated by changes in the environment.


Climate change; workplace hazard; one health; agriculture; displacement; emergency response

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2738-042X