The comparison of the different adjustment factors for admission to the University of the Philippines College of Medicine

Carlo G. Catabijan, Sharon D. Ignacio, Johanna Patricia A. Canal, Katrina Hannah D. Ignacio, Jesus Emmanuel AD Sevilleja, Maria Katrina Diana M. Cruz


Background: Among the different criteria, the General Weighted Average Grade (PMGWAG) holds the biggest bearing on admission for the UP College of Medicine. However, GWAs are not comparable across different courses, different batches, different UP units and different schools. An Adjustment Factor is necessary to make PMGWAGs comparable and to level the playing field.

Objectives: This study covering a 24-year period aimed to compare various proposed Admission Adjusted Factors of %PMGWAG (Pre-Med GWAG) in terms of Pearson's Correlation, Linear Regression Models and Mean Differences with %MGWAG (Medical GWAG), Class Rank and Board Rating as Outcome variables.

Methodology: Various proposed Adjustment Factors were applied to %PMGWAG of medical students from Class 1990 to Class 2014 and Pearson's Correlation, Linear Regression Models and Mean Differences with %MGWAG, Class Rank and Board Rating were derived and analyzed.

Results: Adjustment Factor A3 as applied to %PMGWAG correlates best with Board Rating and Class Rank while Adjustment Factor A6 with %MGWAG. On Linear Regression, A3 likewise bested other Adjustment Factors in predicting %MGWAG and %Board Rating while A6 on predicting Class Ranking. Among the various adjustments, A3 exerted the most impact on the outcome variables, based on mean differences.

Conclusion: The A3 Adjustment Factor is the preferred and most ideal among the various proposed adjustment factors. Its application on %PMGWAG, correlated best with, most predictive of and most influential to %MGWAG, Board Rating and Class Rating.


medical college admission; medical education; academic performance; UP College of Medicine

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