Assessment of the Capacity to Prevent and Manage Major Non-communicable Diseases in Primary Health Care Centers in Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines

Joyce P. Parco, Rammell Eric C. Martinez, Ernani R. Bullecer


Background and Objective: Integrating non-communicable diseases (NCD) prevention and management into primary health care is vital. It is, indeed, important to assess the current NCD services available at the municipal health centers since they are offering frontline services. The objective of this study was to assess the capacity of primary health care centers to prevent and manage major NCDs in the Municipality of Pateros.

Methodology: A descriptive study was done at the municipal level using a rapid assessment form adapted from the sample questionnaire from the World Health Organization (WHO) Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases: Guidelines for primary health care in low resource setting. The questionnaire included questions on the availability of human resources, equipment, infrastructure, medicines, utilization of services, referral of patients, record keeping, financing, and community links.

Results and Conclusion: Data showed that the municipality was able to institutionalize and sustain the NCD program. There were policies and ordinances in support of NCD prevention and control. However, the study showed that some of these policies, particularly those pertaining to the promotion of a smoke-free environment, were poorly implemented. On the other hand, health facility and community policy on physical activity (e.g. regular hataw exercise, physical education, etc.) were strongly implemented. Although there is a specialty clinic for patients with CVD and diabetes, there are no specific guidelines and protocols and registries to track down patient compliance to treatment and disease outcomes. Thus, there is still a need to improve the management of NCDs and their risk factors at the primary health care in Pateros.


non-communicable diseases (NCD), primary care, healthy lifestyle, capacity

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