An Approach to Critical Review of an Ethnographic Research Article

Carl Abelardo T. Antonio


This paper describes a proposed approach to the critical review of an ethnographic research paper with the end in view of serving as a potential starting point for other researchers who are new to the field of qualitative inquiry. I propose that this review be carried out in three sequential phases beginning with a general assessment as to whether a research described uses an ethnographic study design (Is this an ethnographic research?); followed by a detailed perusal, or focused assessment, of specific technical aspects that are common in ethnographic studies (Is this a 'good' ethnographic research?); and ending with an overall assessment as to the validity of the entire study (Are the findings of the ethnographic research valid?). Specific assessment parameters for this three-point framework are listed in the article. I end with a reflection on actual use of the instrument in the critical review of an ethnographic paper for my dissertation.

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2783-042X