Exploring the Relationship between nutritional knowledge of parents and malnutrition status of children in Lanao del Sur

Sittie Ainah M. Mai-Alauya, Ashley A. Bangcola


Background and Objective: The nutritional status of any population is a vital factor in its development. Children's poor nutritional status or malnutrition has been one of the world's most serious developmental problems. This study aimed to determine the significant relationship between the respondent's nutritional knowledge and malnutrition status of the child participants residing in the province of Lanao del Sur, Philippines. This study can contribute to the eradication of malnutrition in Lanao del Sur by educating the parents about the nutrition of their children. Programs about child health promotion can also be conducted to enhance the knowledge of the community especially on malnutrition.

Methodology: The study employed a descriptive-correlational design utilizing a quantitative approach in
interpreting data. A total of 178 malnourished children were identified from the Operation Timbang program of the Department of Health. Convenience sampling was used to narrow down the sample size to 123. A self-made questionnaire was given to the participants. The data was analyzed through frequency, percentage distribution, and chi-square correlation using manual computation and SPSS.

Results: The findings revealed that the respondents' knowledge about the causes of malnutrition and prevention of malnutrition has a remarkable relationship with the nutritional status of their children. Correlation analysis revealed that knowledge on the causes and prevention of malnutrition has a significant relationship with the malnutrition of the children.

Conclusion: The study concluded that immediate health interventions through awareness and health education for parents and guardians be done to reduce the heightened rate of malnutrition among children in Lanao del Sur.


Nutritional knowledge; malnutrition; children's health; Lanao del Sur

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2738-042X