[PJHRD2021-0346] Mindfulness, mindset, motivation, and academic performance of Speech Pathology undergraduate students: A correlational study

Rozelle Francesca K. Bentulan, Grace S. Koo


Background: Speech Pathology (SP) students report great difficulty as they experience academic and mental health concerns while completing their programs. Even with increased global attention on non-cognitive factors influencing academic performance, no study focusing on Filipino SP students has been done.

Objectives: This study aimed to (1) explore the relationships among mindfulness, growth mindset, academic intrinsic motivation, and academic performance, and (2) investigate the influence of mindfulness, mindset, and motivation levels on academic performance.

Methodology: SP undergraduate students from a university in Manila (n=89) responded to an online survey measuring the three variables. Grades were extracted and analyzed alongside survey scores. Correlation and multiple linear regression analysis were performed.

Results: Higher mindfulness level was significantly related to better academic performance (rs(89) = -.235, p<.05). Correlation analysis further revealed a significant association between mindfulness and growth mindset (rs(89) = .390, p<.01); mindfulness and academic intrinsic motivation (rs(89) = .504, p<.01); and growth mindset and academic intrinsic motivation (rs(89) = .409, p<.01). No significant relationship was found between grades and growth mindset or motivation levels. Furthermore, regression analysis revealed that mindfulness,
mindset, and motivation levels do not significantly predict grades (F(3,85)=.461, p=.710, R2=.016).

Conclusion: This study provides scientific findings to help educators develop a better understanding of Filipino health professions education student characteristics. Evidence on the significance of mindfulness in student performance is presented. It also provides new knowledge regarding the association between the constructs of mindfulness, growth mindset, and intrinsic motivation in this specific population.


Published online: May 26, 2022


mindfulness; growth mindset; motivation; academic performance; speech pathology education

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