Global assembly on everyday life, gender, and sexuality: Reflections, recommendations, and way forward

Leilani Apostol-Nicodemus, Rod Charlie Delos Reyes, Evalyn Roxas


Five key policy recommendations were generated from the presentations and discussions in the Global Assembly on Everyday Life, Gender, and Sexuality. The rich source of information supporting the recommendations was the exploration of effective methods of promoting social change through education and research from networks and partnerships. The movement created by collective and participatory approaches in policy development counters the limitations of some societies where gender and sexuality are taboo. Enabling laws is essential, but the implementing guidelines should consider the real-world experience and realize that adequate infrastructure, processes, and resources are necessary. Education of the people on gender and sexuality must start early in life to plant a seed to develop values that uphold respect for human rights and civic responsibility.

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2738-042X