[PJHRD2022-0120] Thriving in remOTe learning: Promoting self-regulated learning of students in an online learning context

Paulynne Angelie T. Aguhob, Kristel Faye M. Roderos, Dominic U. Cheoc, Veronica R. Dee, Maria Concepcion DC. Cabatan, Peñafrancia E. Ching


The shift to remote learning during the pandemic highlighted the importance of self-regulated learning (SRL). Education scholars posit that SRL promotes positive remote learning experiences in various student
populations. Students cannot be expected to be self-regulated learners in a remote setup by exposing
themselves to online courses alone. Thus, the Department of Occupational Therapy of the University of the
Philippines Manila College of Allied Medical Professions created a webinar based on the constructs of SRL to
aid students in transitioning to this setup. The webinar was organized for students to understand the concept of SRL and to identify SRL strategies they can use. Faculty shared practical tips, personal experiences, and contextualized examples on how students can use these strategies to thrive in the remote setup. Given the positive feedback, there is value found in similar activities to utilizing SRL dimensions to prepare students for remote learning. Recommendations for future studies about SRL are stated.

Published online: February 1, 2023


Self-regulated learning; self-regulation; online learning; remote learning

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2738-042X