[PJHRD2022-0201] Integration of a virtual pharmacy simulation platform in remote learning: Experiences and early lessons of UP College of Pharmacy

Kristine Eves S. Garcia, Frances Lois U. Ngo, Marc Joseph A. Sison, Roderick L. Salenga, Francis R. Capule


The COVID-19 pandemic created the urgent need to use online and virtual platforms to facilitate development of skills and competencies as part of remote learning of students. MyDispense®, a learning management system developed by Monash University in Australia, is a practice-based online tool utilized by the University of the Philippines College of Pharmacy to teach dispensing skills in Dispensing and Incompatibilities courses (Phar 154 and Pharm 133). This commentary describes how MyDispense® was used as an online retail pharmacy simulation through the SEIPS (Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety) model, with discussion on how the person, tasks, organization, tools and technology, and virtual environment work within the teaching and learning process in dispensing. The application of MyDispense® as a learning platform both in remote and traditional teaching can be further explored to maximize its features and utility.

Published online: February 1, 2023


MyDispense®; remote learning; simulation; dispensing; virtual pharmacy; online platform

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2738-042X