Evaluation of the effectiveness of written communication training of a public higher education institution using the Kirkpatrick model

Jeah May O. Badeo, Ma. Janelle D.A Gabion, Jorel A. Manalo, Richard S. Javier, Arlene A. Samaniego, Jonathan P. Guevarra


Background: This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the “Effective Written Communication Training” provided among 16 UP Manila administrative employees following Kirkpatrick's training evaluation model.

Objectives: This study specifically examines the reaction of the employees to the training program (Level 1), changes in the level of learning (Level 2), and transfer of training in the workplace or behavioral changes (Level 3).

Methodology: The study used a cross-sectional design, and the primary data was collected through survey questionnaires, a pretest, and a posttest. For Level 1 evaluation, a training assessment survey was given to participants. For Level 2 evaluation, tests were given to participants before and after the conduct of the training program. For Level 3 evaluation, a survey questionnaire was given to the participants and their immediate supervisor five months after the end of the training.

Results: Level 1 results showed that the participants' overall reaction to the training was Excellent in terms of training design, facilitation, resource speaker/facilitator, and overall experience. For the Level 2 evaluation, results showed that there is a significant change (t(15)=11.32, ρ<0.05) in the participants' learning about written communication, as shown in the difference between the pretest (M=16.56, SD=3.01) and posttest scores (M=20.25, SD=2.49). Results of the Level 3 evaluation showed that written communication competencies have been applied to the workplace. Employees confidently compose written correspondences, construct formal and official letters, and relay queries using a more appropriate choice of words, which the participants' supervisors also observed.

Conclusion: Overall, the training program was found to be effective in improving participants' written
communication skills, following Kirkpatrick's training evaluation model.


training effectiveness; training evaluation; Kirkpatrick model; written communication

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Print ISSN: 2704-3517; Online ISSN: 2783-042X